“Liberation” & the false flag thesis: The west’s collusion with Islamist terrorism

4 thoughts on ““Liberation” & the false flag thesis: The west’s collusion with Islamist terrorism

  1. A very good article . I’d liked to have seen you raise the important role that parts of the “anti-war” left have played in propagandizing for the “freedom fighters” in Syria and before that in Libya . Through the leadership roles they often play in anti-war movements such “left” groups have prevented any reprise of the huge demonstrations organised against the invasion of Iraq . In Ireland where I live, one parliamentary representative ,who is a steering committee member of the Irish Anti War Movement , addressed the chamber of the house on December 15 last at the time of the liberation of Aleppo saying : “ Assad’s troops are going house to house butchering anybody left alive”.

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    1. Thanks Mick. Yes, there wasn’t the scope to add that. We would have been talking about a book. Barbara McKenzie has done exhaustive work on this subject and I recommend her work highly. I agree with you. The stance of the anti-war left has been appalling. I can only comment on STWUK who since Iraq have been atrocious. I used to donate to them but stopped from Libya onward. Your clip is shocking.


  2. Excellent article Daniel that deserves to be read widely. I agree with Mick that the role of a large section of the left and their failure to oppose imperialism because of some romantic notion about a revolutionary movement in Syria needs some examination. Perhaps another article?

    Disappointing to hear about Ireland, no good news from Scotland either, I’m afraid. The SNP that campaigns for sovereignty and self determination for Scotland has done virtually nothing to defend Syrian sovereignty. They rightly criticised the media bias in the independence referendum campaign but have remained silent on the biased reporting on Syria, even falling for the media’s propaganda on the WH for example. True the SNP voted against bombing Syria but for tactical reasons rather than any principled opposition to ‘regime change’. Nicola Sturgeon in a one sided conference speech accused the Syrians and Russians of deliberately bombing schools and hospitals in E Aleppo. After the liberation Angus Robertson spoke of “Aleppo descending into hell” This when people were dancing in the streets celebrating their freedom after five years of hell living under al Nusra and their friends! The breaking of international law and UN Charter principles don’t appear to be an issue for the SNP.

    Barbara Mackenzie has written critically about SNP on her blog. She includes a video of Sturgeon speaking to the US Council on Foreign Relations. Keen to reassure her neocon audience Sturgeon said an independent Scotland would always be a close ally of the US, ” do not think that the SNP and the Scottish government takes a markedly different position from the U.K. government on the—the vast majority of international issues. We—don’t. We are a responsible participant and a responsible voice when it comes to these matters.” She also told them that the Scottish government supports sanctions against Russia and the U.K. position on Ukraine and Russia. I left the SNP because of their foreign policy position which is hardly discussed in the party.

    Btw did you catch Stephan Gowans presentation in NYC? (starts 12.20) Excellent debunking of the historical context for the present war, role of MB, foreign governments etc.

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    1. Jan, Thanks for the link. I’ve cited Gowans in previous articles and love his latest book so I look forward to watching the presentation after I’ve written this to you. I agree with everything you said about the SNP. It’s naive of people to think they are anything other than an imperialist party. I see them as being a kind of liberal democratic party who are cynically riding the current wave of left populism. Craig Murray’s critique of their General Election strategy is worth reading. As he is a supporter of the SNP, his insights I find to be invaluable.


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