Labour are still a bunch of crooks


36,000 people voted for swizzler Tessa Jowell to be Labour candidate for London’s mayor. If you consider the facts below, that says something very scarey about a substantial portion of Labour Party membership, even if she didn’t win.

The fact that it is still a serious possibility that a substantial number of Labour members will vote for Tessa Jowell to be the party’s candidate for London Mayor – which Labour electorate includes the new membership – should be a serious jolt to anybody who believes the Labour Party is transformed. The Labour Party is still full of crooks, and Tessa Jowell is one of the biggest crooks.

As I wrote in 2009

Tessa Jowell actively participated in the laundering of the corrupt payments from Silvio Berlusconi, given to her husband David Mills in return for false testimony in court to cover up some of Berlusconi’s endless crooked dealings. Tessa Jowell participated as a full partner in the three time remortgaging of her home, paying off the mortgage with cash and then remortgaging. She has stated that there was “Nothing unusual” in this.

Most people would think it was very unusual to be able to pay off a large mortgage with cash at all. To do it twice and remortgage again each time would strike most of us as very weird indeed.

Tessa Jowell claimed she did not read the mortgage documents before signing them or know where the money was coming from. David Mills was eventually acquitted on a technicality by the Italian legal system, but it is not in dispute that the money came from Berlusconi or that he lied in court. Jowell claimed she did not read the documents and had no idea where the money came from or what her husband was doing. She then “left” him and went through a sham “separation” which the whole London establishment knew was a fake, (but the media obligingly did not publish), until the heat died down and the couple could get together again.

Revelations about Labour crookedness constantly make you gasp, such as the meetings Cherie Blair set up with Hillary Clinton on behalf of the Qatari royal family. Blair’s free holidays on Berlusconi are well remembered. Labour can claim that the Corbyn election is a defeat for Blairism and a new leaf. But if today Jowell gets more than a derisory vote, we will all know Labour are still a bunch of crooks at heart.

Article written by Craig Murray and published on his blog on September 11, 2015.

2 thoughts on “Labour are still a bunch of crooks

  1. this is an excellent article-I couldn’t agree more than I do with every word of it.
    all I would add -having just sat through her reviewing the newspapers on sky tv news is that she is also very arrogant and elitist and has no respect of any kind for tax payers or voters or democracy or fairness as well as your examples of her obvious lack of respect for the law.
    arrogant baroness incompetent lying elitist politically correct and corrupt to the core.
    if she had apologised sincerely and told the truth and then repaid all monies it would be reasonable to expect repaid and gave honest evidence against her husband and the Italian corrupt establishment and refused her baroness payback award starting thinking before she talks then I could forgive her and stomach her existence but no she carries on like she not only doesn’t care but like she has an entitlement to be this corrupt and arrogant and incompetent .
    sadly the majority of the house of lords and any titled folk are just as their titles suggest ie superficial and selfish and utterly useless to humanity.
    hague bombed Libya -maybe the most stupid and thoughtlessly destructive pointless act in world history and apparently as a gay man he shared a room very strangely with his young male assistant and didn’t sound or look convincing in his defence of that event andhe tried to have the speaker berkow replaced but failed.
    I quite like his humour and I am not anti gay at all but he married the stunning fion and probably lied and caused death for hundreds of thousands of north Africans pointlessly and showed his spiteful and vain personality too-so he is a failure and idiot and liar and a massive liability in many ways sadly-so why reward him with a lord award ?
    almost everyone I have ever known or met in my life is more deserving of a lord award than jowell or hague in my opinion.
    the elite and the elitists and the areas of society that enable and protect them have the 95 % of us who deserve and want something civilised over a barrel.
    we cant remove them or reform them or prosecute them or shame them or apply any standards or even dare to hope for any accountability or improvements or any public participation in the process ….as some of the lords and ladies are very very bad people and in full public glare they carry on appointing the same sorts of monsters shamelessly and every time they do they are mocking us and demonstrating how important they are -so important that they have no time for words and concepts like democracy or standards or competence or public-service…….. not public exploitation.


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