Neil Young’s 50 Greatest Songs

I’ve been a huge fan of Neil Young since I first heard the album After The Gold Rush aged eleven in 1973. These are my favourites from his vast catalogue covering almost five decades.

Flying On The Ground Is Wrong

Broken Arrow

Expecting To Fly

Old Laughing Lady

The Last Trip To Tulsa

Here We Are In The Years

Cinnamon Girl

Down By The River

Cowgirl In The Sand

After The Gold Rush

Only Love Can Break Your Heart


Out On The Weekend


Heart Of Gold

Old Man



Love In Mind

Don’t Be Denied

On The Beach

Ambulance Blues

Revolution Blues

Tonight’s The Night

World On A String

Borrowed Tune

Mellow My Mind


Tired Eyes

Danger Bird

Bar Stool Blues

Cortez The Killer

Like A Hurricane




Sedan Delivery

Hey Hey, My My

Rockin’ In The Free World

Crime In The City

Sleeps With Angels

Change Your Mind

Trans Am

Loose Change

Slip Away

Silver And Gold

Horseshoe Man

Razor Love

Love And War

Ramada Inn

4 thoughts on “Neil Young’s 50 Greatest Songs

  1. Young has made an enormous contribution to music. Why on earth would such a talented man decide to prostitute himself by means of entertaining neoZionists in Israel ?


    1. Strange, isn’t it? Let’s hope pressure by the BDS movement has the desired impact. Young is such a contrarian figure politically. I mean he actively supports indigenous rights in North America, opposed American engagement in Vietnam, but supported Reagan in the 1980s. I’m still hopeful that he will see sense and cancel his Tel Aviv show.


  2. Daniel- 2 of Neil’s heavier classics should have made the cut, namely-
    Powderfinger (from Rust Never Sleeps)
    Over and Over (from Ragged Glory)


    1. I agree. I somehow forgot to put those in. The problem is, I don’t quite know what two to omit. Any suggestions? Neil is so prolific it’s hard to pick just 50.


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